How to Have the Best Meditation the Mala Way

How to Have the Best Meditation the Mala Way

One of the most challenging aspects of meditation, especially within today's discourse of technological noise, is maintaining concentration and avoiding common distraction. One of the most popular resources for improving and maintaining focus during meditation is Mala jewelry/beads. We define mala as a string of beads that are used in a meditation practice, particularly to help you count mantras. It also acts as a tactile guide as you sit in silence.

While malas can be made from a myriad of different materials, including, but not limited to sandalwood, rudraksha, and gemstones, at Tiny Zen Jewelry, we construct our mala jewelry using premium quality natural gemstones and sterling silver beads. Most importantly, we use the overhand knotting technique, a staple of an authentically made mala, to make the mala much stronger and enhance the meditation experience. Further, the overhand knot also helps to keep the beads from rubbing against each other and remain free from damage. Not all mala beads are crafted with the authentic knotting technique; however, Tiny Zen Jewelry maintains all traditional practices to ensure that you can tap into your best meditation possible.

Not quite sure how to correctly use a mala necklace to improve your meditation practice? Well, first you should be intentional in selecting your mala. 


Choosing the Right Mala for You

If you're familiar with Tiny Zen Jewelry, then you'll know that we like to diversify our beads, use different gemstones, and maximize our clients' options while maintaining the integrity of our brand and adding a personal touch to each piece of jewelry.

When you are browsing our inventory to select your mala necklace, pay close attention to what you are naturally drawn to. Meditation is largely about energy, so usually, what you are drawn to is a significant indicator of what you are meant to have. In addition, take into consideration your purpose for meditation.

For example, is it your intention to manifest certain desires, find inner peace and strength, etc. Allow your intentions to also guide the process because mala necklaces possess their own energy and purpose and it is in your best interest to have your mala be one with your intentions.


How to Use Your Mala Necklace

1. Perhaps the most important first step to your meditation is finding a place of solitude. Once you have done so successfully, sit comfortably and quietly and close your eyes. If you are feeling a little antsy or you are having troubles unwinding from the chaos of things around you or in your mind, take a few deep breaths and align yourself with your intention.

2. Where you intend to use your mala necklace for meditation, you will engage the use of mantras as well. A mantra is a specific sound, word, or phrase that is repeatedly verbally to facilitate your concentration and alleviate distraction.

For example, you can chant something you are thankful for. The most common mantra for new yogis is “Om” which, based on its Sanskrit meaning, is “It Is” or “To Become”. It is considered one of the most sacred mantras, denoting the vibration of the universal consciousnessOnce you have your mantra in mind, chant it aloud or silently—whichever feels most natural to you. 

3. While holding your mala necklace in your right hand, wrap the beads between your middle and index fingers. Starting at the guru bead (the bead just before the tassel at then end of the mala, which represents the “student-guru relationship), use your thumb to count each smaller bead , pulling it toward you as you recite your mantra. Do this, travelling around the mala until you once again reach the guru bead. Refrain from continuing over the guru bead a second time. Rather, turn around and continue in the opposite direction.

4. Be patient with yourself and with the process and trust the energy you feel. Continue bringing your focus back to your mantra to achieve mindfulness. 

Using your mala necklace should ultimately enhance your meditation experience and move you towards a state of enlightenment. If you don't get it on the first try, take your time and be gentle with yourself. You will get there! 

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