I am Love Mala Necklace
I am Love Mala Necklace
I am Love Mala Necklace
I am Love Mala Necklace
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I am Love Mala Necklace

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Every Mala Necklace made by TinyZen jewelry is hand crafted in the traditional way. Keeping with tradition, the silk cord is knotted by hand after each bead is placed. Knotting the cord and placing in Sterling Silver spacers increases the durability of this beautiful piece and allows for easy handling during your meditation practice.
The healing properties of this necklace are enhanced through the use of high-quality natural gemstones, 6mm Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Angelite and Hematite spacers that are all ethically sourced. 
Accents include Rose quartz charm and a 100% natural silk cord. 
It comes with a beautiful cotton bag and a "Meaning" card. 


* Gemstones Properties *

Hematite : It grounds and protects a wearer, making them feel safe and secure.  

Rose Quartz : It is known as the stone of Love and a romance stone. It can be used to attract love. Also, it lowers stress and tension in the heart. It clears out anger and jealousy, and allows healing of heart disease. 

Lapis Lazuli : It is a stone of inner truth and Self-confidence. It increases inner power and love. It is a suitable stone for precious friendship. 

Jade : A symbol of purity and serenity. It increases love and nurturing and blocks negativity. It brings good luck and friendship and is a good stone to protect a wearer from harm. This stone helps with emotion release and helps you become who you really are.  

* What are Mala Necklaces? * 

Mala necklaces can be used during meditation to help you focus on your intentions and goals. Mala beads are powerful and meaningful and can be used in a variety of ways. The stones release natural positive energy and healing properties.  


All TinyZen Jewelry are handmade in Alberta, Canada. We only use high-quality natural gemstones that are ethical and fair-trade. We want you to create your own journey while wearing our meaningful jewelry.   

Jewelry with a cause. We love to give our love back to nature. When one TinyZen Jewelry is purchased, one tree will be planted.