Our Story


Thank you so much for visiting Tiny Zen Jewelry.
My name is Kate who is a new mom, a wife, a pharmacist, a tobacco cessation educator, a jewelry maker, a founder of Tiny Zen Jewelry, and a Korean who lives in Canada. 
I've been ready for this Jewelry line for the last few months, but couldn't find the time to focus since my little prince was born. I am still busy as a new mom, but can't wait to share my beautiful pieces with beautiful people.
Tiny Zen Jewelry is more than Jewelry. Each piece has its own meaning and power.
I was inspired by Mother Nature when I was pregnant with my son. While being pregnant, I learned to appreciate the life I now have. I felt lots of positive energies from natural stones and noticed they nourished my soul. 
One day, I decided to share these with people through making Jewelry. That's how Tiny Zen Jewelry was born. 
All Tiny Zen Jewelry are Handmade in Alberta, Canada. We only use High-Quality Natural Gemstones that are Ethical and of Fair-Trade. We are a trustful company. 
I believe the power of Mantra. Mantra is a word or phrase repeated to aid concentration in meditation. It is a ward that expresses someone's basic beliefs. It changes your soul and your life. It helps you create something special in your life. 
Like Mantra, I want our Tiny Zen Jewelry can invoke spiritual qualities in you and help you to create your own "Beautiful" in your life by wearing our meaningful jewelry everyday I hope our jewelry reminds you of a goal in your life. I hope it helps you to make a positive change in life and focus on your goals everyday.   
With lots of love,
Kate Ko